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We all hope that our new puppy, or dog will grow into that special friend and companion, who becomes a valued member of the family - and it is not that difficult. Intelligent, kind and consistent training makes a good temperament shine and can overcome less desirable traits. But most of us need a helping hand to reach our goals. At GoodHeart we work together to help your dog become a good canine citizen.

Our classes are small, typically five or less so that you will have the opportunity to discuss any and all training and behaviour issues you are having and learn the techniques to solve them. We provide hands on demonstration and help with your dog on those problem issues.  The classes are a great environment in which to broaden understanding of doggy communication and human mistakes. We all learn from each other.


Learning to stay

Our goal is to help owners and dogs to understand each other using a language and behaviour that will expand and adapt to real-world environments. Our training is about creating a foundation of understanding and trust in which it is easy for you both to learn and grow together. To be truly comfortable with your pet you must trust that they will respond calmly, obediently and reliably in many different situations. Dogs generalize behaviours. “If this is how I am shown to behave there, then I should do it here.”  A well trained dog can visit anywhere and can be trusted off leash. It’s possible that one day a quick response may even save their life.

Learning to sit in unusual space
Learning to sit in unusual space

During class, we will explain our basic training principles and how to work with your dogs instinctive behavours to make training easier. Our lessons are relaxed and easily understandable for dogs and humans alike. You learn how to give kind but consistent commands that firmly insist on obedience and when to give them. Correct timing is important. That first “sit” or “heel” will not be perfect but we use proven methods to ensure the next will be better and improvement will continue to a perfect “sit”. We all learn together and everyone makes mistakes, but half the fun is seeing how easily small adjustments can make big improvements. Perfect behaviors are shaped over time

Our techniques are practical and honed through decades of experience with dogs of all sizes, all ages and all breeds.

Level 1 - Training Basics

For the puppy everything is new. For the mature dog this class is a safe and managed environment for you both to get to know each other and find out what training both good and bad your new dog may have.

Level 2 - Expanding

A 7-Week course for dogs that have completed level 1. Expanding on training items like improved heel position and duration, Coming under distractions, and a Stay for longer periods and owner out of sight.

Level 3 - Advanced

Your canine companion and you are now a team with two personalities. It hones in on individual strengths and weaknesses and you will receive individual training tips to make all your daily interactions more effective.

Private & Semi-private

While basic teaching methods and lessons are a proven standard, each private class is a program designed around your specific topics and goals, such as basic obedience training, specialty skills such as tracking, or fixing a behaviour.

Training Testimonials

Corinna and Krimmi
Training Client
Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks. Your training class was fantastic. I was pretty much at my wits end with Krimmi when we started the class. Maybe it was because of his behaviour that I had a really hard time bonding with him, me who gets attached to every dog. Now he’s “my boy.” 8 weeks ago I would have never thought or believed that he would or could stay in a down stay beside 2 other dogs and not break that stay even when the other dogs were called. Is he perfect? No, he is still crazy and obnoxious at times lol, but we now have the tools to keep working on his obedience. I will highly recommend your training classes and Krimmi and I will be back for level 2 in the fall.
Testimonial image
Training Client
Just to let you know that Abbey is now six months and a joy to be around. She listens so well. We walk by joggers and put her down and get so many compliments and thank yous from them. She walks by other dogs without any problem and will visit with them without incidence. I cannot believe how quickly we both learned from you in just an hour a week. Thank you for all you taught us. Take care.
Testimonial image
Trish Dingman
Training Client
Thank you so much for all of your work with Coco. We enjoyed the classes and see a real improvement. Thanks again!
Testimonial image
Melissa Smith
Training Client
Our training sessions with Jackie have been amazing from day one! Jackie is highly sensitive to the nature of everyone in her classes – dogs and humans alike. Her lessons have given me the skills to communicate clearly with my Boston terrier, Dizzy, and confidence that, given patience and a little bit of repetition, he is capable of so much more than I’d imagined, even at nine months of age. It’s amazing to watch him holding a down stay, or using a new piece of agility equipment!
Testimonial image
Carrie & Trevor
Training Client
We got Rue from GoodHeart Kennel March 2008 because we liked the advise that we had received from Jackie. She was very thorough with her explanations and had extensive knowledge of dogs. She told us about her obedience classes and we wanted to sign up and have Rue take the classes. We knew that we had gotten a really good dog, but we also wanted to have a really good behaved dog. We started her puppy obedience class in May and have continued ever since. We and our dog have learned so much in such little time. Rue is heeling, sitting, goes down, knows up, through, under and is even learning agility. He loves these classes so much and he looks forward to going every Saturday. The look on his face when he accomplishes these activities is priceless. We thank you Jackie for your time and effort into helping us make Rue the best dog he can be and we look forward to continuing these lessons.
Testimonial image