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Gone But Not Forgotten

Here are some of the dogs that contributed significant bloodlines to our kennel.
Most were also important members of the family and all were good friends.

Xinca GoodHeart Von  Fideleter(Cloey)

Cloey was a beautiful  large black and tan female and was my son best friend for 13 years.


Lady Allan

Lady was a black and red female Shepherd. She was my loyal friend and protector for our family  for 12 years and will always hold a special place in my heart.. She adapted well to all situations. Her bloodline is mostly German. She has been trained in obedience, agility, tracking and personal protection. Her puppies exhibit her stable personality and confidence.


Bryson Von Tresca

Bryson is a black and red purebred male German Shepherd Dog. He is from a renowned German bloodlines of Uran Vom Wildsteiger Land(pedigree). Bryson is an energetic and a great desire to please his handler. He has produced pups thatarehealthy and confident with rich colour. Bryson is trained in obedience, agility, and tracking



Jafar is a large all black purebred male German Shepherds Dog from an American bloodline (pedigree), his sire was Am/Can Select Champion. He has an excellent temperament; he is very calm and intelligent. He has sired many litters of pups, which have grown into large healthy German Shepherd dogs that process his wonderful temperament. Jafar is trained in agility and obedience and lives most of the time with my sister on her family farm.s.


Two Daughters Porter

Portor is a large 6 year old black and tan male. He has calm, friendly nature and enjoys being with people. He learns quickly and adapts well to new situations. Porter is obedience trained and trained in tracking.


GoodHearts Shelby

GoodHearts Shelby is a beautifully black and tan Shepherd. Her parents are Cloey and Bryson. She was best friends to my younger son Brendon. The only time she was not by his side is when she was having pups and even then she tried to stay close by having them in his bed.


Grand Erie Sullivan

Sullivan was a bi-black shepherd. Sullivan was a very calm, relaxed fellow that enjoyed being with people.


GoodHearts Nikayda

Nikayda is a black and tan female. She is an average sized female shepherd. Nicky has basic obedience training and some agility training. She loves to play with the other dogs and enjoys just hanging out with me when I do the farm chores. Her parents are Abbey(now retired) and her father is Bryson, one of our male stud dogs. Both Abbey and Bryson's picture can be found on this web page.


GoodHearts Willow

Willow is now retired and living in a forever home. Her parents were Shelby and Porter


GoodHearts Morgan

Morgan is a black and tan female German Shepherd dog. She is the daughter of Lady and Bryson as well as the full sister of Missy. Her bloodline is mostly German. Morgan, like her parents, has the straighter back of a working dog. Morgan is trained in obedience, agility and has started tracking. She is well socialized and loves the companionship of people.


GoodHearts Von Baron

Barons Parents are Byson and Cloey. He is a large black and red male with an extremely calm temperament. He jus loves attention an pet.


GoodHearts Nia

Nia is a black and tan female shepherd. She is a daughter of Jafar and the grand-daughter of Lady Allan. She has an outgoing and friendly nature. She loves going with up to catch the horses and having a good run in the fields. Nia has been trained in obediance, tracking and agility.


GoodHearts Pepper

Pepper is now retire to a forever home. Her parents were Jafar and Lady Allen


GoodHearts Missy

Missy is a female black and red purebred German Shepherd. She is the daughter of Lady and Bryson as well as the full sister of Morgan. Her bloodline is mostly German. Missy, like her parents, has the straighter back of a working dog. She is well socialized and is an excellent companion dog. She has her parent’s stable temperament and is trained in obedience and agility. Missy is an excellent example of the diversified German Shepherd dog.


GoodHearts Lealia

Leila is an energetic black and red female German Shepherd. Loves to chase a ball or stick and enjoys attention. Her parents are Red Rose and Grand Erie Sullivan


GoodHearts Red Rose

Rose parents were Lady Allen and Bradens Storm.