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  This page contains a selection of testimonials from our satisfied customers. We apreciate any responce from owners of our pups and we are always pleased to see that they have ajusted well to their new homes.




Here's a new picture of Isis. We were raking our leaves in the yard(quite the adventure with so many big trees). She loves to play in the leaves and grab the rake too. She's been to the vet and she said Isis is in good health and is parasite free. Everywhere we go people just love her and think she's gorgeous and well behaved, which she is!!

Take care




I keep being asked about where I got Phoenix. Everyone at High Park is blown away by how good looking she is, and how smart, and well put together a dog she is. I'm heading towards 2 years with her and I just wanted thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. Trust me when I get the opportunity I'll be coming back to grab me a male.


Happy New Year.



Hi Jackie,

Just updating you on Tango's progress. Attached is a 3-month pic.

He is coming along nicely and is turning out to be an absolute joy. We went through a little turbulence a couple of weeks ago (really rambunctious playing/nipping), but I am sure that is due to teething. We can see some teeth coming through the gum line now. However, he has done a major turnaround in the last week and is much more sedate.

We have him in obedience training (private) with a trainer we really like (he has trained many, many dogs - mainly shepherds). The trainer is quite impressed with how quickly Tango picks stuff up. Currently, we are working with a 30' leash and getting him to "come" on command. The trainer even gave Tango an "intermediate" task the other day (working with the 30' leash, coming on command and then the "heel" - coming in our on right side, circling behind, coming up on our left and then sitting). He did not disappoint!

Tango's walks are coming along nicely - he sits as soon as you stop (without command). He just loves to sit on our front porch and watch the activity.

We took him shopping to PetSmart on the weekend and ran into about 20 dogs, all of which he got along with very well.

Everyone in the neighbourhood seems to love him and comments on how good natured and well-behaved he is. (As soon as we stop to chat with someone, he just lies down on the ground and waits till we're done.) Strangers stop us on the street to comment on how beautiful he is. (Louis even had a woman stop him to get your name and number.)

Hope all is well in Ancaster!

We'll be sure to update you again soon - take care!

Roni & Louis P


Hi Jackie,

Well Hunter is almost a year old, he is the best dog we have ever had.

Thanks again.

Peter & Robyn


Hi Jackie

Sorry I have been so long with this but here are some pictures of Emma as promissed.

She is much bigger then in both pictures now but have not downloaded anything more recent.

She is coming along nicely and proveing very easy to train and welcome everywhere I go as a result.

Hope all is well



He's such a handsome dude

from his proud mommy



Hi Jackie,

Shadow just had his 2nd birthday (his 7 month picture is under Testimonials on your website), once I have pictures of the birthday boy I will forward one on to you.

Shadow goes to daycare 1 day a week. He is very social but can also be very protective of his home and family when he feels the need arises.

He is still very handsome, well developed (long and lean) and great company. I'm so glad we took the puppy challenge, it's certainly paid off.



Hi Jackie,

Thanks for mailing the registration certificate.

I am attaching one of the most recent pictures of Malaika. She is getting big - very fussy eater but otherwise very sweet indeed. She gets on very well with both the cats - one will even let Malaika nuzzle her!

Walking her was a little challenging but switching to a harness has improved by at least 85%.




Good Morning Jackie:

I received Kyra's papers last week, thanks so much. I have owned a few animals over the years, but this is the lst time that I have an actual Pedigree.

She weighs aprox 60 lbs, now 6 mths old, she is going to be a very large girl. When will she stop growing? She has her visit with the vet tomorrow, no puppies for me! We just finished level 1 at our obedience class, this is our 2nd certificate and she is marked as excellent in every way, she's smart!!

I have attached pic's, once I get the perfect shot I will send this on to you.

The 1st two are at 3 mths, the third is at 5 mths.

Thanks again, and I will write soon.



Hi Jackie,

Here is a recent picture of Mougli he will be 2 next month.

Thanks Melissa Gubbins


Hi Jackie,

I just want to wish you merry Christmas and all the best in a new year. I am sending you the most recent pictures of Munja. In December, he graduated from Petsmart's basic training (with honours) and we will continue with the school in the spring. He is a very good boy, gentle nature. We love him so much, he became a second child to us. A couple of days ago I took him to an off-leash park and met a puppy from your kennel (Major - comes from Jafar and Missy). It was such a pleasant surprise, the two of them look much alike. You raise lovely dogs and I recommend your kennel to everyone.

Munja is in great health; the only thing is that his second testicle has never come down. The vet thinks that it will not come down and he will need a surgery to have it removed from the inside. He told me to pass it on to you, as he thinks it is genetical and you should know. I do not mind it, Munja is not taken for breeding any way. Originally, we did not intend to have him neutered, but in this case we will have to, to prevent some serious health problems at a later point.

Many regards,

Marina P.


Hello Jackie-

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that our Vixen has been one of the best things that have ever happend to us!

She is the most wonderful, sweet, kind, fun loving dogs I have ever know (and I have known and owned dogs my whole life). She has such an incredibly good nature that I just cannot believe how lucky we were to have found (You!) her!

Vixen almost never barks unless she is saying LET'S PLAY! I have discovered, however, that she will bark if our front door opens and a stranger is there and my husband is not home. She becomes very protective and wants to get between me and the kids and whomever is at the door. She also has an uncanny way of predicting when one of us is coming home. About a minute or so before we get home, Vixen will get up and slowly walk to the door and wait. She is truly an integral part of our family! One of the most wonderful traits about Vixen is that she is extremely protective of the children. She always wants to know where they are and if they wander out of view she will check on them every three or four minutes to ensure they are not going too far. Even my 13 year old daughter finds this very endearing!

Jackie, I cannot tell you how perfectly Vixen fits into our family. Everything (yes everything - well except the facination with bubblegum) about her is just perfect.

You have given us our third child, our protector, our playmate . . . our VIXEN!

Thanks Jackie.

Will send more photos soon.

Kathy, Gerry, Mayla and Jared D. and a big smile from Vixen!


Hi Jackie,

I just had to brag some more about Tessa!

I have attached a photo of Tessa at 1 year...her markings are gorgeous & she continues to grow like a weed!

The second is of Tessa , on our dock this summer - on our Island in Northern Quebec Tessa adored Camp! She chased the squirrels up the trees, rabbits into the woods, ducks off our dock & even toads on the path to the outhouse a few times.

She spent most of her time- collecting things to chew: long sticks & roots she found in the woods & huge beaver logs she dragged from the water & up our hill. All her treasures were stored under the Camp and chewed or dragged around up & down the hill.

We had lots of visitors & once again she loved & welcomed everyone! And had a great time when Charm- my son's black Lab came for a visit. She wore herself out chasing Charm everywhere!

However, she is also a great watch dog- especially when I'm alone at Camp. She barks & warns off strange boats ...which happened on several occasions.

Unfortunately, she fell off the dock- the first week & went completely underwater. That was her only swim this summer. She would not go in the water- even when Charm chased sticks endlessly.

I guess that will be my project for next summer.

Gwen & Paul D.



Just wanted to let you know what Mayo looks like now (or did about a month ago). She’s a great dog and, literally, one of the family! She loves to fetch and run and play hide and seek (either seeking us or one of her balls) – and at the end of the day loves to cuddle with us on the couch.

We both agree that she is the best dog we’ve ever had!

Lynn & Harold M.

Mayo at approx. 8 months


Hi Jackie,

How are you doing? It has been quite some time (2 years I believe) since we last spoke. I'm not even sure if you remember my husband and myself. Our names are Tom & Lisa N. and we're from London, ON. We got a puppy from you just over 2 years ago. He was a little boy puppy and we named him Kanye.

Anyway, I was just going through some of his things and found the certificate that you sent us and it reminded me that I have never sent you a picture of him. So, I thought I'd send you one so you can see what a beautiful dog he's become. He's about 92 pounds and he's wonderful. He went swimming for the first time yesterday; he really wasn't sure what to make of it but it was very amusing to watch.

I hope you are keeping well. I hope you enjoy the photo. Take care,

Lisa N.


Jackie here are some pictures of Lou Lou at the cottage. She is a beautiful dog, she gets along really well with other dogs and is a pleasure to have around.




Hi Jackie,

I finally got a digital camera that I could send you some pictures of Riff (born to Lady and Bryson 01-06-02) and give you an update on him.

He is absolutely wonderful! He was a little rough around 4-8 months but we've worked through it. We've graduated puppy kindergarten, skipped grade one and went right into grade two. Passed that with straight A's and this week is our last class of agility for fun until the new year.

I hope to compete (for fun) in agility as soon as he is ready. Which I don't think will be long! I know German Shepherd Dogs are a smart breed but Riff still amazes me sometimes. He's done "tricks" like "back up & go left/right" on the first try just by me pointing in the direction I want him to go. WOW!

I hope to take him to old age homes and homes for the mentally challenged when he's a bite older. At least 3 years old but maybe even later than that. We'll see. I want to share the joy he brings me with others.

I've have received so MANY wonderful compliments about how handsome he is and people want to know where I got him. I speak highly of you and your breeding philosophy of quality not quantity. A lot of people have told me he is the nicest (looking and behaved) GSD they have seen.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! Now if only I could talk my husband into getting a second one...



hi this is karen we bought bonnie a 1 ago. she is from the missy and jafar litter. she is doing great. having a great time in the water and over the winter. she loves going to baseball to watch the kids. here are some pics with her buddy jake.

take care karen from xxxxxx.


Hi Jackie,

Here are two pictures of Reece. The first one is at five months, and the second she is only eight weeks old. She has adapted well to her new surroundings, and her temperament is great. She was 100% house trained within a month, and has already completed her first obedience course.

Thanks again

Chris & Rebecca



I was away on vacation for a few days hence the non-response to your email. :)

Nicholas is fabulous. He is over 80 pounds now and stands 27 inches at the shoulder and is still very black with not very much brown or tan. I always say that a wolf ate my puppy. He is incredibly intelligent and I fear he will try to steal my car keys and go joy-riding to the town dump. He is drop-dead gorgeous but seems to be intimidating to stupid people when we take him for a walk. He doesn't understand why some people cross the street when they see him because he just wants to say hi. Actually, he's much more friendly than I am. Mom and I make caustic remarks about non-dog people and how they are terribly inferior to real dog people. :)

I will try to get one of my friends to scan some pictures for me and then I will send them.



Cuma is 5 months old in this picture, his parents are Abbey and Bryson.


Just wanted to thank you for sending "Bo's" registration papers.

He was neutered yesterday and everything went well. I pick him up this afternoon - we missed him so much and it was only one night!! Darcy (our other Shepherd) has been so sad without Bo.

Bo is absolutely gorgeous. He is a very big boy and is still growing. He has the most wonderful personality and is so affectionate.

We are so fortunate to have Bo in our lives and thank you again for letting us have him.

My vet [sic] was so impressed with Bo that he called me for your name so he could refer one of his clients to you that had just lost their Shepherd. I don't know their name but I know they did get a pup from you - I think about 6 or 8 weeks ago.

I will send pictures of Bo soon.

Hope your summer is going well.

With best regards,

Pat and Randy and of course "Bo"


Nova at 4 months, daughter of Missy and Jafar

Hi Jackie, have attached a pic of the stunning Nova...this was taken June 12, she's much bigger now! She's doing so very well, and is so sweet and so loving (and smart and funny and good!). We couldn't have chosen a better packmate!



Shadow at 7 months

Hi Jackie,

Here's "our" little boy.

What a handsome lad ! and so good natured, he loves almost everything.

Hope all is well in Ancaster.



Hi Jackie:

I wanted to share some recent pictures of Faust with you to show what a good-looking german shepherd he has become. His personality is great. For example, we had gotten so used to being very cautious around our previous shepherd when he was eating (as he would growl at us from across the room if you looked his way), but with Faust you can pat him, add to his bowl, or take it away, all with no complaint!

David R.


Hi Jackie

Just to let you know that Tory is doing just fine. She is a spoiled baby but oh well. We love her to bits she is the most devoted pup I have known and she has convinced John that shepherds are pretty nice.

Last nite at school I was asked again where I had gotten her from. I told the lady (they breed goldens and labs) and of course I told her and asked her why she wanted to know. She said that she thought that Tory was so nicely put together - not at all like the back ends on the shepherds that you see today in the confirmation ring. I thought that was a nice comment and not the first time we have been complimented on her. Thought I would pass it on to you again. Not only that but I think she is so smart. Learns in a flash!!

Here are some more funny pics of my baby.

Denise and Tory



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