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Choosing a Puppy

7 week old pups (Lady and Jafar)

  A puppy should be bright eyed, active and look healthy. We have found that birth order is not a factor and with proper care, any given puppy from a litter of quality breeding stock will develop, as well as any other. Overall, if the proper care and genetics are present, then all the puppies in the litter have an equal chance of being exactly what you want and expect in your new puppy. It really boils down to personal preference.

  Just as you shop for any major item, you should also shop for your new puppy. Investigate different breeds of dogs, taking into consideration the size, temperament and the amount of exercise your new puppy well need. Keep in mind that unlike most of your purchases, a new cute adorable puppy can also be noisy, poopy, smelly and chew everything within reach. But the upside is huge. They can also give you and your family much joy and companionship. They will ask no more than the respect and kindness due to loyal friends and protectors.

8 week old puppy (Abbey and Jafar)\


Spring lessons will start on Sunday May 20 at 1pm and Wed., May 23 at 6:30pm Dog and puppy obedience training are for all breeds, all sizes and all ages We offer group obedience class or private dog lessons for obedience training and/or problem behaviour, in your home or on site at the kennel. Please contact Jackie for more information: email or call (905)304-4284.

Our next litter of pups are due in the Spring.

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