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Taking a Puppy Home

  Picking up your puppy can be a very exiting time for you, but the exact opposite for the new puppy. The puppy is leaving all that he/she knows, her familiar and secure environment, the caretakers who have fed and given her affection from birth, and most of all her mother and littermates. In short, it probably will be one of the worse days for your puppy. Do not expect her to be an outgoing happy bundle of joy. This is one of the most stressful times in her life and you should make every effort to make the transition to her new home as easy as possible.

  If possible you should bring a crate in which to take your puppy home. If you do not have a dog crate then a box will do. Take the crate into the room your puppy is to stay and let the puppy come out when she is ready. The crate will become a secure environment for your puppy to return to when it is time to rest. Let the puppy explore the room she is in, when she is comfortable in this room, you may let her explore the next room.

  Do not overwhelm her with new sights, sounds and smells but do carry on with the normal activities in your house. Do not invite all your friends over to see the new puppy. The first day should be a quiet day at home with your puppy, when she can get acquainted with your family and her new home. Do not be disappointed if she does not come out of the crate right away, your puppy, like everyone else needs time to adjust. Start off slowly, take your time, you have over a decade to share with you new friend.

  If there are young children in your family, explain to them that it is good to pet the puppy in a quite gentle manner but there is a difference between petting and mauling. Children and puppies are a great combination, but both must have respect for the other. Rough housing is fine when the puppy is small but can quickly get out of hand as your dog grows and then will be overwhelming to a small child. It is preferable to let the puppy come to the child the first time they meet. Rather than charging in on the puppy and producing an unpleasant experience for all concerned.

8 week old pups with thier new families


Spring lessons will start on Sunday May 20 at 1pm and Wed., May 23 at 6:30pm Dog and puppy obedience training are for all breeds, all sizes and all ages We offer group obedience class or private dog lessons for obedience training and/or problem behaviour, in your home or on site at the kennel. Please contact Jackie for more information: email or call (905)304-4284.

Our next litter of pups are due in the Spring.

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