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Our Breeding Philosophy

  Breeders of dogs invest much of themselves into their dogs, as well as time and money. Therefore it should surprise no one that there are differences of opinions about the bloodlines. Strong advocates of the German bloodline proclaim that American dogs are inferior in both mind and body, unsuitable house pets and are unfit to do any type of work. Strong advocates of the American bloodline say the German line is highly prey driven, unruly, and vicious with uncontrollable energy. Who is right? We believe, neither is.

  To put the whole argument into perspective let's remember that all German Shepherd dogs originally came from Germany, therefore all German Shepherds carry German blood. Both the German and American bloodline contain differing factions the show, sporting and work lines. We believe both German and American lines have excellent examples of the good qualities needed in a German Shepherd dog and similarly, both have some very poor specimens.

  However, there is some truth to the generalizations, for example. On average, the working bloodline is stockier and heavy boned. It will have stronger drives with more athletic ability and have more energy than the show line; which tend to be narrow and lighter in body structure with finer heads. Their lower backs are noticeably more angulated downward and their gait extension is more extreme than the working line.

  As noted, we choose our breeding stock not because of their pedigree but because they have stable personalities and healthy confirmation. Their pedigree indicates their parents were also excellent example of what a German Shepherd Dog should be.

A 7 week old puppy of Missy and Sullivan's

  We personally prefer a dog closer to the original breed with a straighter back; neither overly annulated down nor roached backed (upward bend).

   Puppies are all different. Each has its own personality and must be judged on its own merits. Each litter has its more assertive pups and its gentle pups. Each combination of genes produced creates unique puppies, with no two exactly alike. However, each puppy has the potential in its gene pool to succeed in any discipline.

  While the pedigree does make a difference, our emphasis is on breeding from German shepherd dogs that have a good health history and good temperament. We have found that this is the best way to consistently produce well rounded puppies that are sound in both mind and body.


Spring lessons will start on Sunday May 20 at 1pm and Wed., May 23 at 6:30pm Dog and puppy obedience training are for all breeds, all sizes and all ages We offer group obedience class or private dog lessons for obedience training and/or problem behaviour, in your home or on site at the kennel. Please contact Jackie for more information: email or call (905)304-4284.

Our next litter of pups are due in the Spring.

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