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We all want to live with that special dog. The dog that grows into an outstanding canine citizen, our best friend, and a valued member of the family and its not that difficult. Three key factors make all the difference; good breeding, good temperament and good training, and of these three, basic obedience training is the most important.

Our Kennel

We are small family oriented kennel committed to quality not quantity. Our commitment is to breed German Shepherd dogs sound in both mind and body. When you come to visit, you will meet a cheerful, intelligent, well-adjusted puppy that has been raised in an active family lifestyle on the farm that will have the potential to succeed in any discipline.

We pride ourselves on our shepherds from, both German and American bloodlines line and the puppies they produce. The puppies are easy to train, well socialized, and ready to enjoy a new home with you. We do not produce any dogs with overly angulated backs or overly prey driven personalities. Our shepherds are ideal as family pet and companions and succeed equally well when trained in obedience, tracking, agility and protection work.

When you visit the Kennel and Dog Traing Centre you will be able to meet the parents, puppies and often their previous off-spring.

As with any friend, personality matters and we try to ensure that all of our puppies are placed in a compatible home. We are always glad to answer any questions you may have about your new puppy and will assist in any way to help form a strong bond between our puppies and their new owners.

Lady with 8 week old pup

Picture yourself with one of our dogs or puppies.

Our Obedience dog Training Centre

GoodHeart Kennel and Training Centre provides a calm, safe and relaxed environment for both dog and owner to learn the basics of communication and dog/puppy obedience training. You will have the opportunity to discuss any and all training or behavioural problems you are having with your dog/puupy and learn the techniques that will help to solve them in our lessons.We also offer private training lessons at the centre or in your home. The lessons are tailored to your specific training needs, general obedience and/or problem behaviours such as pulling when walked on a leash, jumping up on people, nipping, house training , excessive barking, ect.

Down Stay

To be truly comfortable with your pet you must trust that they will respond calmly, obediently and reliably in many different situations. Our puppy and dog training which includes tradition obedience, agility and tracking builds this trust by strengthening the bond between you and your pet while reinforcing your position as leader. We offer group training lesson, private lesson on site or in home puppy and dog training lessons.

We are located in Ancaster close to Hamilton, Brantford, Dundas amd Burlington.

Visit our dog training page for further information on our dog/puppy training classes.

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Spring lessons will start on Sunday May 20 at 1pm and Wed., May 23 at 6:30pm Dog and puppy obedience training are for all breeds, all sizes and all ages We offer group obedience class or private dog lessons for obedience training and/or problem behaviour, in your home or on site at the kennel. Please contact Jackie for more information: email or call (905)304-4284.

Our next litter of pups are due in the Spring.

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